Dannhauser Local Municipality internalizes the following development principles, as adopted from key development planning directives and legislation. Their amalgamation formulates the framework for the implementation of the IDP within the Dannhauser LM area of jurisdiction.  The adopted development principles are as follows:

Planning and Development Principles

1.Comprehensive Rural Development Strategy

Norms and Standards for rural areas are limited and fragmented however as prescribed by the NDP, the rural economy must be included in all aspects of development, the following are some guiding principles; When planning infrastructure be that for basic service provision or government services, the following is seldom considered:

♦ Differing geo-spatial conditions in rural communities;

♦ Community perceptions of service delivery and access;

♦ The estimated cost of providing the required services and infrastructure;

♦ Community investment requirements, in terms of, social, economic, ICT and cultural infrastructure.

The need exists to develop national differentiated rural norms and standards to:

♦ Facilitate more effective and targeted planning for facilitating rural development within the CRDP framework;

♦ To allocate services optimally to ensure maximum cost benefits and in so doing service more rural households; and

♦ Create of jobs through targeted and improved service delivery

2.Integrated Sustainable Rural Development - 2000

The strategy has now become a programme that is run nationally, in addressing local economic development, some of the key elements that must be taken into play are;

♦ The vision of the growth process in rural areas;

♦ A mechanism for integrating existing programmes in rural development;

♦ Design for new rural development programmes where needed;

♦ A defined locus of decision-making;

♦ The meaningful role for local government in local economic development;

♦ Clarification of financial flows and channels;

♦ Key performance indicators or a process for generating them internally to the strategy;

♦ Procedures to monitor the indicators

3.Breaking New Ground 2004

The housing sector plan does not merely focus on the delivery of housing units, it takes into consideration various infrastructure developments that support housing units, and that will increase revenue collection of the municipality in the long run.

The following are considered and adopted;

♦ Supporting the entire residential property market;

♦ Creating linkages between the primary and secondary residential property market;

♦ Progressive Informal Settlement Eradication;

♦ Promoting densification and Integration;

♦ Enhancing Spatial Planning;

♦ Enhancing Location of new housing projects;

♦ Supporting urban renewal and Inner-City Regeneration;

♦ Developing social and economic infrastructure;

♦ Enhancing the housing product