1.Human Resources Exixts To:

♦ Beef up the Organizational Structure to provide departments with personnel.

♦ Prepare and submit Employment Equity Reports to Department of Labour.

♦ Compile and submit WSP/ATR yearly to LGSETA.

♦ Ensure administration of leave.

♦ Ensure HR Administration and Development.

♦ Ensure provision of EAP.

♦ Carry out OHS duties.

♦ Developing of HR Management policies.

♦ Prepare adverts and ensuring that they are released to press.

♦ Processing of Job applications

♦ Conduct shortlisting and interviews.

♦ Liaise with payroll for processing of salaries of employees after recruitment.

♦ Filing of personal documents.

♦ Drafting of Job Descriptions.

♦ Capture Leaves on VIP System.

♦ Process claims of exiting employees.

♦ Dealing with queries of employees.

♦ Handling of disciplinary hearings.

♦ Advertising of Vacant Posts.

♦ Presenting WSP to Council for adoption and submitting to LGSETA Annually.

♦ Conducting Trainings and liaise with service providers.

♦ Conduct Employee Wellness Programme.

♦ Assist employees with counselling.