1.Corparate Services

The Corporate Services, headed by Mr Mlungisi Ntanzi, is an integral part of the support structures of the Municipality that is strategically positioned to enable the Dannhauser Municipality to achieve its mandate as the core of general Administration and Human Resources Management, Communications, Fleet Management, Registry and ICT.

It is a portal of entry and exit from the Municipality and supports the functions of all the other Departments of the Municipality, it provides support services and generally ensures that all administrative functions of the Municipality are properly coordinated.

Without a strong-functioning Corporate Services division to support the organisation to carry out its mandate and mission, the organisation would collapse.

Administration Unit

The Administration Unit is responsible for the provision of administrative support in order to ensure that the Municipality is set on the right path towards effective and efficient delivery by regulating and providing operational support to its sister departments such as:

Council Support: minute taking and compilation together with distribution of agenda for Council meetings; proof reading agendas and minutes making necessary corrections; attending Council, Exco and portfolio committee meetings and facilitating the implementation of resolutions taken therein.

Records Management: Safe-keeping, distribution and disposal of organisational records; support to optimal and cost-effective printing.

Security and Access Control: Activities associated with patrolling the surroundings; controlling access and exit from the Municipal premises; ensuring recording of specific information in the entry/ exit control register; installation, monitoring and maintenance of security cameras and alarm systems ensuring access to the Municipality is controlled,

Fleet Management: Operation of the unit including planning, distribution, utilization and maintenance of municipal vehicles whilst attending to the procedures, applications, systems and controls to facilitate support and optimum functionality of fleet unit

Office Cleaning: co-ordination of office cleaning including order equipment and items, outlining cleaning routines and supervising overall cleanliness of municipal offices and properties,

Municipal Property Management: Bookings, maintenance and overall management of usage of municipal business properties, main offices and centrally based halls,

Legal Support: Provision of administrative support to the Office of the Municipal Manager pertaining to all legal matters,

Municipal Bylaws and Policies: compilation, coordination and implementation of municipal bylaws and policy,

Reception and Switchboard: providing support to all departments on the telephone system and operations; directing of all incoming telephone calls to the relevant persons; making of outgoining calls on behalf of staff; attending to all enquiries over the telephone and to all public enquiries at the counter.

Budgeting: Taking part in drafting annual capital budget for the Department.