Name: MISS S.P Hlatshwayo 

Contact: 034 621 2666 EXT 740

Email: FinanceSec@dannhauser.gov.za


Budget and Treasury offices are established according to Section 80 of the Municipal Finance Management Act, it says,” Every municipality must have a budget and treasury office”

Components in the BTO department includes:

1.Budget and Financial Reporting

Functions of budget and financial reporting

Preparation and monitoring of the municipal budget

Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

Preparation and submission of annual, quarterly and monthly report as per the requirements of the MFMA

Assets management

Cash management

2.Payroll and expenditure

Functions of payroll and expenditure:

Payroll / Salaries Administration

Payroll / Salaries Administration

Third party payments deductions & contributions,

Reimbursement of S & T

Payment of suppliers

Petty Cash management

VAT management

Maintenance of Grants register and Contract register

3.Supply Chain Management

Functions of Supply Chain Management Unit

  • Develop municipal SCM policies and procedures in accordance with national and provincial guidelines and Implementation of the SCM Policy
  • Procure budgeted goods and services required during the financial year
  • Developed and managed contract register
  • Prepare irregular, unauthorized, fruitless & wasteful register
  • Prepare commitment register
  • Preparation of Annual Procurement plan

4. Revenue Management

Functions of Revenue Management

  • Billing of services charges
  • Collection of revenue from service charges
  • Debt management and Credit control
  • Banking and Cash receipts management
  • Investment management
  • Indigent management
  • Customer enquires