Cemetery Operation And Management Plan


The municipality currently has one official cemetery, which is situated in Dannhauser Town. TheHattingspruit and Private Muslim cemeteries are not registered with the Dannhauser municipality.Most of these cemeteries are reaching full capacity and the demand for burial plots is increasing.

This means that new cemetery sites need to be identified within the municipal area.Hence, once cemeteries are identified there has to be an operational and management plan in place to provide guidance as how the existing and new cemeteries must be operated and maintained.

Purpose Management Plan

This operational and management plan sets out the goals, strategies and means of providing cemetery facilities for the community. It examines the needs of the community and the expectations for arrangements to be conducted with dignity and accuracy within settings that are aesthetic and affordable. The operational and management plan is:

  • A concise and succinct statement of the strategic direction of the Municipality, which identifies the means of achieving goals and objectives;community, the funeral industry and government authorities;
  • It is also flexible so as to enable it to be used as a contemporary management tool reflecting community trends;
  • This plan has been prepared in consultation with the Cemetery Reference Management Committee, which includes nominated councillors, local funeral directors, monumental masons and applicable municipal staff.
  • This operational and management plan has been written to comply with the Cemetery and Crematoria Act. The regional cemetery lands are considered to be ‘operational land’ and ‘crown land’. In accordance with the Act, the core management objectives identified for these lands are;

  • . Promote, encourage and provide for the use of the land;
  • . Provide facilities on the land; and. Meet the current and future needs of the local community and of the wider public in regards to the use of the land.The utilization and management of ‘operational land’ and ‘crown land’ is governed by:
  • . A operational and management plan applying to the land in question;
  • .Any law permitting the use of the land for a specified purpose or otherwise regulating the use of the land.
    The operational and management plan for ‘operational land’ and ‘crown land’ must identify the
    1. The category of the land;
    2. The objectives and performance targets of the plan with respect to the land;
    3. The means by which the Dannhauser Municipality proposes to achieve the planned
    objectives and performance targets; and
    4. The manner in which the Dannhauser Municipality proposes to assess its performance with respect to the planned objectives   and performance targets.


Operational and Management Plan Objectives

It is the purpose of this operational and management plan to place, before Dannhauser Municipality and the Community, a management strategy that integrates all of the cemeteries within the Municipality and continues their efficient operation.

This document aims to:

  • Provide information on standard safe working practices that have been adopted for use in cemeteries;
  • Provide a framework for the maintenance of the regional cemetery lands at a level acceptable to both the Dannhauser Municipality and the Community within the scope of the resources available;
  • To ensure that the cemetery lands are used for the purpose for which they have been dedicated;
  • To ensure that the Community can contribute to the development and implementation of this plan;
  • To comply with all of the legislative obligations placed on Dannhauser Municipality as Trustee of the cemetery lands.