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rade Agreements
The agreement on the establishment of African Continental Free Trade Area offers great opportunities
to place South Africa on a path of investment-led trade, and to work with other African countries to
develop their own industrial capacity. The agreement will see the creation of a market of over a billion
people with a combined GDP of approximately $3.3 trillion.
Small Business Development
The country has implemented the following programme;
The incubation programme provides budding entrepreneurs with physical space, infrastructure and
shared services, access to specialised knowledge, market linkages, training in the use of new
technologies and access to finance. The incubation programme currently consists of a network of 51
technology business incubators, 10 enterprise supplier development incubators and 14 rapid youth
We expect these hubs to provide most needed entrepreneurial service to small and medium
enterprises in the rural areas and townships but more especially to young people who want to start
their businesses. Our greatest challenge is to create jobs for the unemployed of today, while preparing
workers for the jobs of tomorrow.
Employment Opportunities
The President facilitated the Jobs summit werein the following occurred;
The Presidential Jobs Summit last year resulted in concrete agreements between organised labour,
business, community and government. These agreements, which are now being implemented by
social partners, aim to create 275,000 additional direct jobs every year.
We have come up with great plans, platforms and initiatives through which we continue to draw young
people in far greater numbers into productive economic activity through initiatives like the
Employment Tax Incentive. This incentive will be extended for another 10 years.
In addition, we have launched the Youth Employment Service, which is placing unemployed youth in
paid internships in companies across the economy. We call on all companies, both big and small, to
participate in this initiative and thereby contribute

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