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The purpose of this report is to comply with sections 71 of the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA), and section 28 of the Municipal Budget and Reporting Regulations as promulgated in the Government Gazette No 32141 of 17 April 2009, which requires that specific financial particulars be reported on and in the formats prescribed.

Background Information

In terms of Section 71 of the MFMA,Accounting Officer of the Municipality must by no later than 10 working days after the end  of each month submit to the mayor of the municipality and relavent National and Provincial treasury, a statement in the prescribed format on the state of the municipality’s budget reflecting the following particulars for the finanacial  year up to the end of that month.

  1. Actual revenue, per revenue source.
  2. Actual expenditure, per vote
  3. Actual capital expenditure, per vote
  4. The amount of any allocations received and actual expenditure on grant allocations excluding expenditure on the equitable share
    When necessary, an explanation of ;-


  • any material variances from the service from the municipality’s projected revenue by source, and from the municipality’s expenditure projections per vote.
  • any material variances from the service delivery and budget implementation plan
  • Any remedial or corrective steps taken or to be taken to ensure that projected revenue and expenditure remain within the munipality’s approved budget.


Financial Performace

The total actual YTD operating expenditure for the period ending 31 March 2021 amounted to R24 671 445.03 while the YTD budget was R 109 842 015.015. Operational expenditure is largely defined by the General Expense, Repairs and Maintenance and employee relatd costs. The year to date expenditure performance indicate a spend of 53% of the budgeted operating. 

While the YTD capital expenditure budget was R 89521 422.

The total operational and capital grant budgeted  is R 25 244 000 and the actual expenditure to date is  R 12 565 630.7 and the percentage spend is 50% exclusive of equitable share.

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