Educational Level

Education plays an important role in economic development. It provides skilled labour that is key in producing goods and services in an economy. In 2016, of the total population of 105 341, only 1.9% had obtained tertiary educational attainments and only 16.4% had matriculated. People with no schooling increased to 14.7% 2011. This can be attributed to a lower level of primary school enrolment
that was experienced in the municipal area in 2014-2015. Only a handful of those who finish matric pursue further studies. If the population levels continue to rise, and education is not addressed, the jurisdiction may end up having a community that is highly uneducated thus increasing the levels of poverty and dependency.

It is important to address this challenge, through development of rural education facilities and support given to children who come from highly impoverished backgrounds. The NDP 2030 points out the need to develop rural communities to attain levels as those in urban areas. There is a need to develop a program that will monitor or ensure that pupils that enroll in primary education are encouraged to
complete secondary education and further their studies. Addressing this challenge is fundamental to creating a strong base that the municipality can use to stimulate economic growth and development.Figure.3 below indicates the population levels and their levels of qualifications within Dannhauser.