Dannhauser Municipality KZN 254

    8 Church Street Telephone: 034 621 2666
    Private Bag X1011 Facsimile : 034 621 2342

    Date of Advert: 10/10/2018
    Quotation Number: RFQ/463

    Kindly furnish us with a written quotation for the supply of the goods/services as detailed in the enclosed schedule.

    The quotation must be submitted on the letter head of your business no later than MONDAY, 22 OCTOBER 2018 at 12H00.

    Quotation are to be submitted in a sealed envelope; clearly marked “Quotation number & Description” must be deposited in the tender box situated at the reception area of Dannhauser Municipality offices, 8 church street, Dannhauser 3080

    The following conditions will apply:

    • Price(s) quoted must be valid for at least thirty (30) days from date of your offer.
    • Price(s) quoted must be firm and must be inclusive of VAT.
    • A firm delivery period must be indicated.
    • Bidders must include their certified BBBEE certificate copy (MBD 6.1).
    • Bidders must include both original Tax Clearance Certificate and SARS Pin.
    • This quotation will be evaluated in terms of the 80/20 preference point system as prescribed in the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (No 5 of 2000) and for this purpose the enclosed forms MBD 4, MBD 6.1, MBD 8 & MBD 9 must be scrutinized, completed and submitted together with your quotation. ( MBD forms are available from SCM office & from the website www.dannhauser.gov.za under Budget then scm forms)
    • Bidders must be registered on the Central Supplier Database and proof of registration must be submitted.
    • The successful provider will be the one scoring the highest points.
    • Preference will first be made to local service providers.
    • Bidders are required to submit their most recent municipal accounts for their business location or their personal residence account i.e. rates/refuse or Proof of residence for those who reside in rural areas.
    • Bidders must fill in the RFQ register stating the date and time of when they submitted their RFQs, available at the tender box.
    • Bidders must be registered on The Dannhauser Municipality Suppliers database, forms are available from the website www.dannhauser.gov.za & from reception.
    • Dannhauser Municipality does not binds itself to accept the lowest, or any quote.
    • The Municipality reserves the right to withdraw any invitation to quotations/proposal and/or to re-advertise or to reject any quotations/proposal or to accept a part of it.
    • The municipality reserve the right to appoint a portion or split the service to a service provider.
    • The Municipality does not bind itself to accepting the lowest quotations/proposal or award a contract to the bidder scoring the highest number of points.

    NB: No quotations will be considered from persons in the service of the state

    Failure to comply with these conditions may invalidate your offer.




    • 50 X A4 Personalise Diaries which should contain the following information, information for the Personalised diaries will be provided in due course.
    • 1 Month pages with all 12 months on the side of the month in questions (small)
    • Of Dannhauser Municipality and its information, e.g. Telephone, fax, e-mail & website address, location (where the municipality is situated under Amajuba District Municipality)
    • After each month the selected development photo, be inserted in a gloss page or cover
    • Schedules of the Council Meetings, EXCO Meetings, Portfolio Committee Meetings and MANCO meeting, IDP RF and IDP Budget Roadshows
    • Leather Cover in Black Colour with a curving yellow stripe at left bottom corner
    • Municipal emblem be printed in gold in the middle of the front cover
    • The first page of the diary will have a Mayoress vision and the Municipal Managers overview (summary vision) with their photo each
    • Second Page will have a Dannhauser Map and the third page with the Map of Africa
    • Another Page must cover the vision and mission

    • 25 x A5 Personalised Diaries with the above content

    • 70 x A5 None Personalised Diaries with above content

    • 60 x A4 None Personalised Diaries with the above content

    • Desk PAD – A3 X 50
    • Each page with a Month in question and the whole months of the year at the bottom, on sides be covered with developmental photos which will be provided
    • Top Central Dannhauser Municipality with the logo in clear colours, it should covers the municipal information which is Telephone, Fax, Postal Address, E-mails address, Website address, Physical Address with the development photos on the sided as per what will be provided by the office.
    • 120 x A4 File Folders outer cover with the Municipal Logo and a blue or white colour background – with the mission and vision at the inner front page, and at the inner back page Municipal Map, at the outer side of the back insert the municipal information which is Telephone No, Facsimile No., postal address, physical address, emergency no. etc.
    • Service provider must have 3 years or more Relevant Experience with similar supplies (Must attach atleast 3 reference letters)
    • Preference will be given to printing and design companies or joint venture with them.


    08 church Street, Dannhauser Municipality, for more info please contact Philani Ndlovu on 034 6212666 ext. / 034 940 0777 between 07H30 and 16H00 with lunch interval of 13H00 to 13H30.

    * MSCM Regulations: “in the service of the state” means to be –
    (a) a member of –
    (i) any municipal council;
    (ii) any provincial legislature; or
    (iii) the national Assembly or the national Council of provinces;
    (b) `````````````rd of directors of any municipal entity;
    (c) an official of any municipality or municipal entity;
    (d) an employee of any national or provincial department, national or provincial public entity or constitutional institution within the meaning of the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No.1 of 1999);
    (e) a member of the accounting authority of any national or provincial public entity; or
    (f) An employee of Parliament or a provincial legislature.