Dannhauser Municipality
    Invitation for Proposal
    Notice No 24 / 10 / 2012
    In terms of section 54 (4) of the Disaster Management Act 32 of 2002, Dannhauser Municipality is calling for proposals for disaster mitigation in relation to provision of shelter to the victims.
    Preference will be given to companies which comply with BBBEE, the EPWP and its implementation. Joint venture agreements must be attached in cases where the Tender is a joint venture; Proof of registration with professional bodies and the NHBRC as well as a valid Tax Clearance Certificate even for each of the partners in JV must be supplied.
    Duly completed proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly mark “Disaster Management Shelter” addressed to the Municipal Manager, Dannhauser Municipality and must be placed in council Tender Box at Dannhauser Municipal Office, 8 church street Dannhauser 3080 not later than 12:00 on the 09 November 2012.
    A compulsory site clarification will take place on 31 October 2012. Interested parties are requested to meet at Dannhauser municipal library at 10:00.
    Please Note
    1. All proposals must be on the company’s letterhead.
    2. Qualifying women owned companies are encouraged to apply.
    3. Enquiries may be directed to Mr Themba Nkomzwayo at (034) 621 2666
    WB NKOSI-Municipal Manager