TENDER NO: 17/02/2020
    Bids are hereby invited from experienced service providers to be MSCOA PROJECT MANAGER FOR A PERIOD OF 3 YEARS to Dannhauser Municipality
    A NON-REFUNDABLE BID document fee of R250.00 is payable in cash at the cashier’s office during 07H30 to15H00 with lunch interval of 13H00 to 13H30 and will be available from 10 JUNE 2020.
    This bid will be in terms of the 80/20 preferential point system as prescribed in the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (No. 5 of 2000) (No 5 of 2000 Amended in 2017). Original Certified BBBEE certificate must be submitted.
    - Bidders must be registered on the Central Supplier Database and proof of registration must be submitted.
    - Price(s) quoted must be valid for at least ninety (90) days after the bid closing date.
    - Price(s) quoted must be firm and inclusive of VAT
    - Bidders must include both Tax Clearance Certificate and SARS Pin.
    - This bid is subject to the general conditions of contract (GCC) and if applicable, any other specific conditions of contract.
    - Bidders must complete all MBD Forms.
    - Background and experience of the firm in a related field.
    - Capacity to undertake work within stipulated time frame
    - Detailed breakdown of fees and No hidden cost will be considered.
    - Company profile with traceable references
    - CIPC Registration certificate “CK”
    - Current municipal rates account
    - No bids will be considered from persons in the service of the state.
    - Bidders must fill in the tender register stating the date and time of when they submitted their tender, available at the tender box.
    - The Municipality reserves the right to withdraw any invitation to tenders and/or to re-advertise or to reject any tender or to accept a part of it.
    - The Municipality does not bind itself to accepting the lowest tender or award a contract to the bidder scoring the highest number of points

    FUNCTIONAL CRITERIA SUB-CRITERIA Max points Verification method
    Company Experience Working experience in Local Government financial management, specifically in annual financial statements preparation and/or budget preparation

    • 1-2 projects = 10 points
    • 3-4 projects = 20 points
    • 5 projects & more = 30 points 30 • Reference letters.
    • Failure to submit reference letters will result in scoring 0 points
    Project key personnel (Must be working for the bidding company) Project Manager’s relevant areas of expertise and experience, including client references and contact details
    •Atleast attached 2 reference letters =5 points each
    10 • Attach a detailed CV stating clearly the knowledge of Accounting frameworks, including GRAP and Munsoft system, atleast 2 reference letters and certified qualifications

    • N/B: Qualification must not be more than 3 months old. Non submission of any of the documents listed will result in the bidder forfeiting full points per key personnel under this segment.
    Formal qualifications
    • Postgraduate Degree in Accounting Financial Management = 10 points
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting Financial Management = 5 points 10
    Knowledge of
    • Accounting frameworks, including GRAP =20 points
    •Munsoft system =30 points 50
    Total 100
    The minimum points that must be scored by a prospective bidder to proceed in the next stage (which is pricing 80/20) is 70 points.
    Tenders must be submitted in a sealed envelope; clearly marked “TENDER NO: 17/02/2020 RE-ADVERTISEMENT :MSCOA PROJECT MANAGER FOR A PERIOD OF 3 YEARS” and must be deposited into the tender box situated at the reception area of Dannhauser Municipal offices. Tenders should be received no later than 12H00 on 20/07/2020, where after bids will be opened in public. Late, emailed or faxed bids will not be accepted.
    Technical enquiries may be directed to Mrs. D.M Mohapi, e-mail: danisilem@dannhauser.gov.za at 08 Church Street or telephonically on 034- 621 2666 Ext. 0724/20 during working hours, between 07H30 and 16H00 with lunch interval from 13H00 to 13H30, Monday to Friday.

    WB NKOSI TENDER NUMBER: 17/02/2020