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    1. Introduction
    The purpose of this Terms of Reference (TOR) is to outline the requirements for Bulk Water Assessment in ward 4 which is situated under Dannhauser Municipality.
    2. Background
    Dannhauser Local Municipality (LM) (KZN 254) is located north in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province in
    Amajuba District with Newcastle Local Municipality and eMadlangeni Local Municipality as part of its
    family. It is the smallest of three local municipalities within the District; with area coverage of
    approximately 1516 square kilometres. Dannhauser LM is a predominantly rural municipality, and
    classified as a “Class B” municipality by national government. Mining towns with some residential areas
    were established within the jurisdiction prior to the 1980’s as a result of the numerous mines situated
    within and around the municipal area. These include Dannhauser Town, Hattingspruit, and other main
    towns such as Inverness, Kilegethe, Klipbank, Milford, Normandien, Nyanyadu, Rutland, Tendeka,
    Witteklip. The municipality has thirteen (13) wards with a combined total of 58 settlement areas.
    3. Problem Statement – Key Challenges
    Access to potable water is one of the key challenges facing Dannhauser Municipality. A substantial
    number of people and communities do not have access to potable water, which meets the standards
    set by the Department of Water Affairs and Sanitation. This is confirmed by the results of Census 2011,
    which indicates that only 19.5% of the total population in the municipal area has access to piped water
    inside their dwelling units.
    By 2016, 14 769 out of 20 844 households in Dannhauser municipality had piped water inside their
    dwelling units, this was a significant jump from the approximately 11 100 households in 2011, but
    majority of the population still does not have access to piped water and relies on other sources. This
    means that people use other sources of water such as communal stands and rivers, boreholes, spring,
    etc. These types of water sources are vulnerable to contamination that could lead to outbreak of
    waterborne diseases and thus still remains a considerable challenge.
    The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, through the Comprehensive Rural
    Development Strategy (CRDS), aids in the implementation of the sinking of boreholes, in areas deemed to be rural, and Dannhauser is one of them.
    4. Scope of Work
    The objectives of the project are to be prepared a detailed report on bulk water pipeline and the scope of work for the service provider will entail the following:
    • Identification of areas within the ward which already has an existing bulk waterline.
    • Conduct a stakeholder engagement between ward Councillor and municipal official responsible;
    • Propose a water distribution plan for the immediate community; and
    • Provide a budget estimate for water distribution as well as associated cost breakdown.
    • A detailed and quantified Bill of Quantities for each area identified.
    5. Deliverable
    The expected deliverables and outcomes of the project are the following:
    Inception report
    o Methodology and approach
    o Strategic stakeholders ie. Ward Councillor and responsible municipal official.
    • Status Quo Report
    o Demographic

    o Number of households with/ without water supply
    • Detailed report (Draft and Final)
    • Timeframe of the project – 3 months
    6. Competency/ Expertise Requirements
    In order to complete the investigation, the following expertise and competencies will be required from
    the service provider on submission of proposal:
    • Environmental Management/ Town Planning Specialist with professional registration at
    SACPLAN (South African Council for Planners minimum 3 years); (10) Attach certified Registration Certificate
    • Geotech Specialist/ Geologist with post graduate from a recognized tertiary institution and
    registration with professional body; (10) Attach certified qualification
    • A project manager with sound project management experience with registration with Project
    Management Institute (PMI) as a Project Management Professional (PMP); (30) Attach certified Registration Certificate
    • Understanding and knowledge of the legislative and policy framework relating to bulk water and water reticulation; Knowledge and experience in undertaking similar projects; Communication and facilitation skills; and (20) Attach C.V
    • Must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in the field and preferably provide at least 2 references letters (30)
    The minimum points that must be scored by a prospective bidder to proceed in the next stage (which is pricing 80/20) is 75 points.


    08 church Street, Dannhauser Municipality, for more info please contact Mrs Lungelo Gcabashe on 034 621 2666 between 07H30 and 16H00 with lunch interval of 13H00 to 13H30.
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    (ii) any provincial legislature; or
    (iii) the national Assembly or the national Council of provinces;
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